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Why Phytonics foil?

While conventional AR coatings exhibit strong wavelength and angle dependence, the Phytonics film very efficiently couples the entire light spectrum into the solar modules, at all angles of incidence.

The low residual reflection is diffuse, so Phytonics-coated solar modules are unrivaled in glare-free performance. PV systems with east, west or north orientation benefit in particular.

The bio-inspired dual-scale micro- and nanostructures are not only perfect for light collection, but also for trapping it within the PV module. This results in an annual additional yield of 5 % to 10 % compared to modules without ARC, or 2 % to 7 % compared to modules with standard ARC (Data of first long-term tests will be available in April 2022).

For module manufacturers, the integration of the coating is very simple and low risk. The foil, which is equipped with an adhesive backing, can be applied to solar modules in a cold process step at the end of production. The application can be flexibly adapted to customer's needs.

Under certain conditions, retrofitting of existing plants and modules is also possible.

No worries about degradation, our polymer comes along with a 30 years outdoor warranty. All IEC requirements are met.

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