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PV modules are more efficient with Phytonics film

After weeks of measurements in field tests, we can confirm, that PV modules coated with our anti-reflective foil produce more yield.

The evaluations show that with an east orientation and an angle of tilt of 10°, an additional yield of up to 7 % can be expected. The measurement against the uncoated reference modules was taken simultaneously, the comparison refers to the average value.

The next measurements will show, which efficiency increase can be expected in orientation to north.

Besides the yield increase, the anti-glare effect should not be forgotten. It can be clearly seen that the coating of our film makes the modules absolutely glare-free, which has now been confirmed by BRDF-measurements from the Swiss SPF institute.

Furthermore, as expected, the coated modules show less pollution by pollen and other fine dirt as the reference modules.

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