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Milestones 2022/23

Samples in March 2022

In 2022, we will focus on the upscaling of the fabrication tool and process development at our partner in Finland. We will be able to sample small sections of film, so interested parties can see for themselves the quality of our film, in the end of March 2022.

Test Data in April 2022

Our development focus is also on material screening, pre-testing for glare prevention (e.g., BRDF measurements), long-term stability, and yield gain. The first evaluation of the test data will be available from April.

Prototype in September 2022 The first prototype of a commercial module with a series-produced foil is expected to be ready in the End of Q3 2022. Interested module manufacturers can test the foil on their own modules from then on and qualify it as a new product. Made in Germany in 2023 The following year 2023, we will focus on establishing the site and production in Germany, which will be completed in Q3 2023 and mark the start of our production Made in Germany. Please contact us for further information or questions:

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